Case Studies

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Case Study: Tipton Utilities

Tipton Utilities

Learn how LEAP Managed I.T. helped Tipton Utilities transition to a new facility and reduce downtime.


Case Study: Westminster Village

Westminster Village

Learn how LEAP Managed IT helped Westminster Village reduce operating costs and minimize downtime with managed print solutions.


Case Study: First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church

Learn how LEAP Managed IT helped deliver speedy response times and business continuity through managed I.T. solutions.


Case Study: Museum Center

a Museum Center in Indiana

How LEAP Managed IT helped a vibrant Indiana museum center with a sprawling 40 acre campus and one of the largest American heritage collections in the Midwest increase productivity and reduce costs.


Case Study: Enterprise Plumbing

Enterprise Plumbing

Learn how Enterprise Plumbing saved thousands of dollars per year on unbillable time through technology upgrades


Case Study: James Allen Insurance

James Allen Insurance

Learn how LEAP Managed IT helped James Allen Insurance uncover hidden risks, leverage current technology, and make their work environment efficient again.


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