Process Automation

Process Automation


Who is our trusted Document Management Partner? SmartSearch

SmartSearch software is the ideal document and content management solution. SmartSearch is loaded with features to provide your business with document management that is affordable and easy to use.

Document Capture: SmartSearch includes a SmartCapture imaging support option integrating with most MPF’s including on-ramp connectors.

SmartSearch also integrates with any capture software and allows for captured files to be dropped into a directory where CSV or XML metadata files can be read and imported. Documents can be edited and exported as PDF and other popular formats. Data can also be exported to Microsoft Excel. All users have the capability to share and store all documents in one location. Users can easily import documents by simply dragging and dropping the documents into their desired storage location. Different archives can be added to easily organize documents. Each archive can be customized to the users’ specifications.

SmartSearch also provides advance image processing technologies with the Capture Workflow module. With this module, documents can be OCR scanned, searched, exported to a PDF, read barcodes, enhance images, and separate pages. SmartSearch provides a cost effective business solution and provides a powerful platform to expand on. SmartSearch stores all documents in their native file format, ensuring your documents will always be available.