IT Companies in Indianapolis

Finding IT Companies and IT Experts

IT Companies in Indianapolis are a group of tech experts who provide IT solutions. Currently, they have become more adept to the specificity of their clients. Same as the industry where they belong. Efficient solutions are provided, thus, maximizing potential and capacity for your business.

Hence, industries such as Manufacturing and healthcare, depend on technology. In addition, Law and Accounting firms, even food and leisure services rely on IT too. To stay competitive, IT Companies must be familiar with your industry. Furthermore, look into the growth for the future.  Almost all industries use technology. When a system is in place, full potential of business becomes attainable.

Looking for Managed IT Companies?

There are quite a number of IT Companies in Indianapolis today. However, when you are looking to hire one, it is good to remember the following:

-Make sure that they have the right information. What is the company about? How does it operate? What parts need improvement? What can be done to improve the flow of work.

-Look for an IT Company that looks ahead in the future. Similarly, being able to adapt to changes in regards with IT infrastructure. Therefore, they are able to forecast trends. This would help make big savings in the end. Rather than being unsure and second guessing, which would cost money.

-IT Companies Indianapolis should be able to provide you with information about software solutions. Aside from fixing the issue at hand, working on preventing future issues is also vital. Consequently, they should provide a detailed plan for unpleasant scenarios.

IT Master Plan

Leap Managed IT  developed an IT Master Plan solution. It is specialized in different industries with technology plan and support. Being a leading IT Company, they offer a tailored plan to help uncover IT hindrances. The team breaks everything down. They assess your company’s weaknesses and identify security risks. After that, they will give a detailed recommendation on processes. This includes hardware, software and compliance policies for business continuity. For more details on IT Master Plan, visit today!

Fraud Prevention for your Online Business

Increased Online Fraud

Here at Leap Managed IT, we know how much hard work owners are putting in to protect their business. Therefore, we make sure to send out reminders and ridiculously helpful tips for fraud prevention and cyber crimes.

Online Shopping is very popular.  Amazon, Zappos, and grocery stores make it convenient.  Thus it allows you to use you free time wisely, rather than falling in line for hours in the mall. However, it also becomes an opportunity for cyber criminals. Hackers are creating ways to disrupt online business and consumers.

Online and mobile shopping are expected to grow continuously. Unfortunately, it is more likely to see an accompanying increase in online fraud by organized groups using sophisticated technology to outsmart e-commerce sites.

Here are strategies that can help you and your business stay fraud-free:

  • Try implementing an identification software or device intelligence. This device will enable you to track the IP address of the customer. Some hackers use technology to make multiple transactions to the same merchant and make it look otherwise.
  • Monitor Credit Card payments. Carefully monitor and review the number of declines for each transaction.  Always require a card verification code before processing.
  • Keep a list of accounts with a history of fraudulent activity and cross check orders against it.
  • Train your customer service team. Educate them on how to tell if something is off while processing a transaction.
  • Be watchful on large quantities on specific items, for example, electronics, jewelry and other valuable items. They may be on their way shipping to the wrong hands.

Fraud Prevention

Because it is a busy time, merchants temporarily loosen their fraud protection. It allows to process more transaction. While it is a goal to boost revenue, part of responsibility is to protect the business and its customers from fraud. If you would like to know more about fraud prevention for your business, visit or get in touch with Leap Managed IT’s  tech-support today!





I.T. Management

I.T.  Management

Are you sure that your employees share the same thoughts and goals with you regarding I.T. Management? Does  your company take online safety seriously? In January,  Mike Stults of Leap Managed IT discussed I.T. Management for Non I.T. Managers. This webinar proved helpful most especially for non I.T. employees. An eye-opener that most of us can make a difference in securing company data, finances and reputation. Not paying attention and taking precautions in digital world has proven to be bad for business.

Thus, avoid data Breach, Ransomware, cyber-attacks by being one-step ahead. By being knowledgeable and understanding the risks. Having a backup for all important data, standards and procedures to follow in case of unfortunate events, such as fire, flood and other natural calamity is necessary. I.T. Management ensures that I.T. resources and employees utilize technology in a proper manner.

Here are some important points discussed:

The lack of IT oversight can have Major Consequences such as:

  • Lost productivity- when major issues occur and can’t be fix it right away, what happens? Others have issues such as slow connection, neglect in updating hardware, computers are crawling. All these hamper productivity and affects the flow of business.
  • No ability to perform key business functions- when disaster happens, do you have a plan in place to keep all-important data secure?
  • Lost of data and funds can be bad for the reputation of your business. Hence, always follow standards and procedures especially in a bad situations to control loss.

Also, Mike talked about the poor workplace culture with regards to I.T. Train and discuss with employees the importance of cyber security. Do not wait for something bad to happen before taking action. Have open communication with your IT Manager. Remember that you are all a part of the business success, as well as the failures.

For more about the topic I.T. Management for Non I.T. Managers, register and watch the full webinar on demand at Leap Managed I.T.  Learn more about the importance of having an up to date I.T. infrastructure and more.

Copier Sales Indianapolis

Copier Sales Indianapolis

As a business owner or organization leader, you have the responsibility to provide your employees the necessary tools to work with. An up to date computer system, stable internet along with a printer and copier. Read on to know more about Copier Sales Indianapolis and get tips on choosing the best.

Why should you invest on a good copier? These are few reasons why:

One would be, in situation of urgency, for instance, your team would be able to produce large volumes of documents. On short notice, marketing and administrative printing and copier needs are taken care of and on time.  Not to mention the savings when you don’t use a printing service.

Another advantage when you invest in a good copier is you can easily buy supplies in bulk. This reduces cost of printing per page, thus helping save a dime for every document printed.

Safeguards and keep business strategies in premises. Therefore, when you have an in-house copier, it ensures that marketing documents are secure.


Get your money’s worth with the best copier brand, Canon. Canon offers a full line of multi function copiers designed to fit your business needs. They are powerful and efficient. Which  allows you to produce high quality documents with speed. Basing on Copier Sales Indianapolis, Canon is the leading brand when it comes to Copier and Printer needs.

Canon Copiers are user friendly and environmentally sustainable. they have lower energy costs with efficient machines. In addition, this equipment’s can drastically improve communication and organization in your business.

Leap Managed IT is the leading provider of Canon Copiers in Indianapolis. Through Print Services, you are getting the best price, factory trained technician to assist you 24/7 and above all,  IT and Print Support. Contact a Canon Copier Concierge today through Leap Managed IT and experience the difference.





How to Take Care of Technology by M. Stults

Technology for All

Life has become more convenient and enjoyable with technology. Its development has made it possible for us to lead lives that are more comfortable. Therefore, our friend at Leap Managed IT, Mike Stults, discusses via Facebook live, on how to take care of Technology. This is part of Leaps effort to share Ridiculously Helpful everyday tips.

Follow these simple steps to keep technology in good working order:

  • Flat screen TV’s- Make sure that the TV is off. Remove dust, spots and smear with microfiber cloth with few drops of clean water, after that, wipe it again with dry microfiber cloth to remove dampness. Never spray chemical based cleaner directly on TV as it may damage the screen.
  • Tablets and smart phones- Keeping your tablets and smartphones clean will prolong its life. Simply wipe gently with a few drops of distilled water and microfiber cloth. This will remove dust and dirt. You may add a little alcohol to wipe the mouthpiece part to disinfect it. Wipe again with clean cloth to dry. However, do not use paper-based cloth as they can scratch the screen. Always turn off the tablets and smartphones before cleaning.
  • Computer- Turn off the computer and unplug from electrical outlet. Remove dust and small particles in keyboards and internal components using an air blaster. Wipe the monitor, mouse pad with a clean, slightly damp microfiber cloth. Remove dampness by using a clean cloth. Clean regularly to protect from dust accumulation.
  • Printers- Dust and wipe with clean cloth for the outside. For internal cleaning, run the cleaning cycle to remove smears. Use alcohol and cotton swabs to remove built-up ink and roller.
  • Headphones and Earphones- It is important to clean headphones and earphones regularly as it is always in contact to our ears. Wipe earpiece with clean with damp cloth and remove any buildup, wipe the cords too. In addition, you may add a little alcohol to disinfect.

For Homes

  • Refrigerators- Use Lysol wipes to clean handles. Wipe inside with clean slightly damp cloth to remove stains and food particles.
  • Coffee makers- Clean pots with vinegar solution and rinse with running water at least once a month.
  • Dishwashers – Run dishwasher cleaner at least twice a month with a cup of white vinegar. Run with hot water cycle to wash away grease, grime and odor.
  • Washing machine– Use 2 cups of white vinegar and let it run through complete cycle using hot water. When the cycle is done, wipe the tub with clean cloth.

Up Next…

For more tips and tricks on how to care for  technology, events and webinars coming up, visit or Leap’s  Facebook Page for our Facebook Live and Ridiculously Helpful Tips.

Pivot 2020 with David Boudia

Leadership and Innovation

David Boudia is one of the biggest names in Diving.  However, even bigger news, he is the keynote speaker at PIVOT 2020! LEAP Managed IT is excited to sponsor PIVOT 2020 Going for Gold. A conference on innovation, technology and desire to help businesses grow. So, mark your calendar;  PIVOT 2020, May 12th at the NCAA Headquarters in Indianapolis.

What is PIVOT?

Pivot Conferences inspire, motivate and bring together business leaders of all industries so that they can use what they learned to grow their own organizations.

Thus the day is packed full with inspiring keynote speakers, discussion panels, networking opportunities and activities. Furthermore, Pivot Indiana creates a community of business leaders who share stories, insights and experiences with other professionals.

Being the keynote speaker, David Boudia will share his journey, trials and tribulations to reach Olympic glory. Every year, Leap Managed IT invites  speakers who are experts in their industry. Furthermore, they are passionate about their field and provide insights and perspectives that apply to all industries.  PIVOT 2020 brings together Innovation and Inspiration.

Getting to Know David Boudia

It all started with David’s passion for diving. This Olympic Gold Medalist began his diving career at the age of 11 in 2000. At first, he is petrified to jump from the Olympic 10-meter platform but forces himself to overcome his fear. By 2005, he joins the U.S National Diving Team. Shortly thereafter David wins several National Championships. Quickly he began his quest of Olympic glory.  To help focus on diving, at 10th glad David begins home school.  Subsequently, he focuses on the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Thus, from 2006 to 2008 David and his diving partner medaled in 14 major international competitions. In other words, competing in the Olympics and becoming a winner became David’s drive.

Because of his unwavering commitment to excellence, David Boudia is a leader is diving.  His journey has hardship, obstacles and lots of turbulence.  Yet, he openly shares his highs and lows and gives us inspiration to continue moving forward.  Most importantly, David Boudia shares his insights on needing to pivot and constantly evolve to keep himself relevant.

Finally, David will share the makings of an Olympian and maybe let us hold the Olympic Gold Medal!

Join Us on PIVOT 2020

Save the date and join us on May 12, 2020  at the NCAA Headquarters in Indianapolis to learn more about David Boudia’s journey.  PIVOT 2020 is packed with innovation, networking and being inspired to Go for Gold in 2020! Let’s all leap forward and grow together with Pivot 2020. For more details on this exciting event, visit us at today!




Online Safety for the Holiday Season

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…online

It’s holiday season again! A joyous time for family and friends to be joyful and merry. This is the season when we become careless and vulnerable to theft and other holiday crimes. We are often in a rush buying gifts, decorating our homes, travelling or visiting friends and relatives. Which makes the whole season stressful if you are not careful. Whether you are shopping in malls or online, online safety should always be a priority.

During this season, there is a big increase in the number of people shopping at malls. Establishments extend store hours to serve people who shop after work hours.  Parking lots empty out in record time, taxi lines becomes unbearable. This is the same reason why many people opt to shop online. To lessen the stress and pressure of being able to complete the Christmas check list. Online shopping is also a great way to compare prices and find bargains.

Here are tips to remember when shopping online:

  1. Research on the retailer to make sure they are legitimate. There are thousands of shopping sites on the web today. With a bit of research, you will be able to spot the fraudulent ones. Check for negative feedbacks and make sure that the seller is reliable.
  2. What is the return policy? If they do not seem to have one, you should be suspicious. This will help if the item is not delivered or arrives defective. There is also a large online market that sells counterfeit goods. These can be hard to spot so a little more research can be helpful.
  3. While shopping online, make sure the internet connection you are using is secure. Do not use public Wifi in public places, such as coffee shops, airport terminals and shopping centers. Public Wifi is often unsecure. Cyber criminals can access any information you send while connected to these networks. Remember that your ordinary mobile data is more secure than the public Wi-Fi.
  4. Keep yourself safe online. Make sure your software and anti-virus protection is up-to-date. Always choose a strong password for your online accounts, using a combination of lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters. This will help protect you and your devices from scammers and cyber criminals.

Don’t Panic

Holiday shopping can be a pleasant experience. Start shopping a couple of weeks before an event or party to avoid shopping in panic. Always remember to guard yourself from online scams during the busiest season of the year. For more about online and credit card safety, visit today.

2019 Mike’s Favorite Things: Tech Gifts Edition

Tech Gifts 2019

It’s another fun and tech gift giving day at Leap Managed I.T!Back by popular demand,  Mike Stults appeared on Facebook Live with his annual list of Mike’s Favorite Things; Tech Gifts Edition.  Thanks to all those who joined in and participated.

Mike’s List

Mike started his Tech Gifts with a must have item, a Handy Battery Backup which has a capability to give 3 full charges for Iphone. One thing that is cool about this easy to use and compact charger is it’s  wireless.

Next is a Smart Plug/ Smart Bulb, Smart Room starter pack that works with Alexa and Google Systems. This gadget comes in handy so turning lights on and off can be programmed, even if you are out of the house.

Completing Mike’s high tech item is a Rocket Book. It is used with a friction pilot pen that you can easily scan your notes and email and share them.

As fun as he is, Mike also has cool items for kids and those young at heart. One of the best gifts to give are Legos! Mike shared a Star Wars Yoda’s Hut edition. This toy is a perfect for a child of any age.

Next is the Carcassonne Board Game, a tile-based German-style board game for two to five players. It is named after the medieval fortified town of Carcassonne in southern France, famed for its city walls. Enjoy the holidays with your family playing and challenging each other.

Finally, who would not agree that books are perfect gifts? Sharing with you a book for your curious school age children, How to be Good at Science, Technology and Engineering. It is for little scientists to understand science in seconds. Another perfect book that children love is Wonky Donkey. Make bedtime stories fun and exciting with Wonky Donkey.

LEAP’s President Chimes In

Gary Thomas, LEAP’s President tried to compete with Mike’s list by bringing his own Tech Gifts to the table.  Gary added to the festivities by wearing his festive llama sweater, Christmas scarf and headgear.  Needless to say, his outfit won the comments of the day on FB!

All kidding aside, Gary brought his  best Tech Gifts forward. To start, he brought a  Kitty Cat USB  Hand Warmer Mouse Pad. This mouse pad has 3 gears temperature that is adjustable to keep hands warm in winter.

While Mike shared high tech gift ideas, Gary’s next item is a sure winner, “Office Space” inspired Red Stapler.” I don’t think that there is a need for me to explain how this works!” says Gary.

Next is an Electronic Football game. Feel nostalgic and feel the sensation you remember from the 70’s with improved sound effects.

Lastly, Gary surprised the audience by giving away PRIVATE MOVIE PREMIERE PASSES to LEAP’s Customer Appreciation Event; Star Wars Rise of Skywalker on December 21.

All- Time Favorite Tech Gifts

In case you missed it: DON’T WORRY, you can catch it on LEAP’s Facebook page and join in the fun.  Hope your Holiday Season is off to a great start and we hope you find our list Ridiculously Helpful!

Mobile Device Management Basic

More on MDM

Technology has played a vital part on our everyday life; it makes everything easier and connects us. On the other hand, instances about data breaches happen every day that compromises user safety.  Therefore, we should handle mobile technology with utmost care.  Basic Mobile Device Management is a topic that is not clear to everybody. Hence, Leap Managed IT, discuss it on the latest webinar, to be ridiculously helpful for individuals and organizations.

Mobile Device Management is a software that allows IT administrator to control, secure and enforce policies on smartphones, laptops and tablets. Today, employees are adapting a mobile work style. Freedom and flexibility for employees to work in other locations within or outside the office . In other words, one can be in a coffee shop or airport, and can still be productive. A good MDM plan will add a layer of security for employees and their mobile devices.

Reasons why Mobile Device Management is Important and data breach is rampant:

  • One laptop is stolen every 53 seconds per record.
  • Over 70 million smartphones are lost each year.
  • 3% of company issued smartphones are either lost or stolen.
  • 80% of the lost laptop causes data breach.

Risks without a good Mobile Device Management Plan:

  • Unauthorized use of data
  • Unauthorized access to data
  • Ransomware and other cyber threat deployment

For Starters

Identify a starting point for your Mobile Device Management Plan. Create a basic inventory of what your organizations have when it comes to technology issued to employees. What is it for? What are the needed apps?  Who can and cannot access such applications? It is also important to know the quantity and types of devices issued by your organization. What programs are vital for the business and who can access them? These are important questions to take note of.

A Mobile Device Management software training for employees is a must. It also helps to keep standards and policies up to date as technology and its uses change from time to time.It helps to keep standards and policies up to date. Once the policies are in place, organizations need to craft a basic standard of consistency through password requirements  and reset features that everyone should follow. After that, it will be a normal custom for your employees not to take passwords for granted.

In conclusion, Mobile device management is the art of managing mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets that have access to company data. Do you have a plan of action if one of your employees loses their smartphone?

For more details and learn more about MDM, visit us at today. To watch the on-demand webinar anytime, CLICK HERE


IT Security and Ways to Improve

Meet Gary

Gary Thomas, President of Leap Managed IT, talks about the 5 Keys to Improving IT Security in his latest webinar. As part of Leap’s effort to being “Ridiculously Helpful”, Gary gives tips and tricks on how to protect your company from cyber attacks, IT Security and a lot more.

Be Digitally Safe

The threat of cyber crime is spreading like wildfire. News from around the globe has reported different kinds of cyber attacks that affect organizations. Cyber criminals use tools like spreading viruses, spyware or ransomware.Whether you are running a small business or a chain of world-class hotel, it’s hard to stay safe from criminal attacks.

Organizations tend to focus on sales and marketing. However, it’s important to prioritize security in technology. Having a strong IT security foundation to protect your business and clients from fraud is a must. Therefore, keeping network systems safe to ensure data protection is necessary. Data such as sensitive client information becomes your responsibility by keeping private.

Here are the 5 Keys to IT Security:

  1. Regular Reviews – Have a regular meet up with IT people about company standards. Discuss control and back up plans of the organization. Keep IT strategy updated.
  2. Policies- Up to date documentation is a need in this area. It assures continuity of procedures of the organization, when the need arises. Improve on the parts that worked well and change the ones that need updating. Have a clear policy outline when it comes to IT security. How do you handle data integrity? What happens if the data is lost? These questions must have answers, right away.
  3. Control and Ownership- Organizations use variety of IT systems to make operation easier and systematic. Who among your employees have access to what applications? Let them be responsible for changing and keeping passwords safe. Who is accountable in a case data breach happens?
  4. Technical Standards- Develop a company standard on what hardware and software to use. It is necessary for the entire organization to use the same anti-virus, for instance. Similarly, a back up plan should be in place. In addition, Make sure that the team is well informed on the importance of IT security.
  5. User Training and Testing – Schedule staff training to develop growth and awareness. Discuss the pros and cons of technology and the digital world. Above all, to be mindful about data safety, at all times.

Be informed

Running a business is realizing the responsibility to employees and clients. Preventing financial loss while keeping a good name is attainable through secure cyber management. For more on cyber security, upcoming events on IT and helpful gadget tips, visit

You can also watch through


Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security Awareness

In today’s hyper-connected world, cyber security has become more critical than ever. Smartphones at work and other internet connected device, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Hackers aggressively take advantage of security weaknesses. Therefore, we are all part of keeping it safe. October marks the 16th anniversary of National Cyber security Awareness Month. This year’s theme is Own IT. Secure IT. Protect IT.

This program is created by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Alliance. It aims to create security awareness among individuals. The purpose of this campaign is to make people aware of online security. Above all, encourage personal accountability and promote proactive behavior against cyber crime.

A closer look at what does 2019’s theme stand for:

Own IT

*For those using digital accounts, for instance, it is necessary to limit access by changing the Privacy Settings. Personal details are exposed to cyber criminals, therefore, we need to realize the importance of online privacy.

*Most cyber criminal create tempting posts to entice visitors to sign up as part of their tactic. In other words, never provide sensitive details to unknown sources to prevent stealing of data. Be extra careful.

Secure IT

*Implement an additional layer of security to protect online accounts like social media and online banking.

*Use strong passwords or turn on multi-factor authentication to secure them. In addition, using a password manager to generate and remember different passwords for all your accounts is recommended.

Protect IT

*Do you know that every click, share and post creates a digital imprint? After that, hackers trace these imprints and use them to perform cyber crime. Hence, users must update to the latest security software as a precaution.

*Use VPN when connecting to a public Wifi like airports and coffee shops. This will prevent the threat of pilfering data from your laptop or cellphone.

*Finally, organizations should implement best practices for cyber security to keep consumer data and vital information safe.

Doing our Part

In conclusion, let us all do our part in keeping cyber world safe. For more on cyber security awareness updates, visit You can also check out Leap Managed IT’s IT Master Plan for a tailored IT Support for you and your company.


Screen Time Management

Screen Time Survival!

Is Screen Time management important?  Most busy parents  believe that the best way to keep their children quiet and preoccupied is through gadgets. It starts from as early as 2, with the child’s favorite cartoon, and feeding time becomes a breeze! Some parents use screen time as a bribe, for eating veggies, doing homework, fixing the toys and the list is endless. As parents, we do not realize, at that moment, that what we are doing is not good. Until it becomes too late and managing, their screen time becomes chaotic, in other words, unmanageable.

It’s back to school time and we have listed below some tips on screen time management for kids that might help lessen or eliminate (next to impossible) use of gadgets.

**Set a good example. For instance, keeping the TV on for background        noise all the time or scrolling through your phone or ipad every time you have a spare minute teaches your child bad habits. As they see you binge watching your favorite Netflix series or playing online games on your phone, they think that it is also right for them to be on it all the time. So set a good example by using your time productively.

**Make Use of Parental Controls. Always protect your kids from explicit contents found on TV and online. Use parental controls that allow you to monitor what your kids are viewing on both TV and online.

**Encourage Other Activities. Kids depend on technology for entertainment. Create activities in your household that does not involve the screen. For instance  cooking together or outdoor games.

**Educate and talk to your kids about the effects of spending excessive time on screen. How it affects the development of their eyes along with their motor skills. Studies show that too much screen time can have many negative effects. Issues range from mental problems in school and the ability to pay attention.

Human Interaction

In conclusion, it is important that we learn to limit screen time in favor of actual human interaction and productivity. This actually goes, not just for the children but adults too! Remember that too much of everything is not good and we always have to keep the balance in our daily lives.

For more ridiculously helpful blogs and tips on the latest in technology, visit . Reach out to us and we are happy to share our list of apps that help manage screen time and make life a little easier.  Ridiculously Helpful facebook Live on Screen Time Management is coming soon!