Loving Your Technology Indianapolis

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we want our  Indianapolis clients to “LOVE” their technology! Hence, we want to help you be more efficient and do what you do best. Grow your business.

So, how do you fall in love with your technology Indianapolis? First, raise your hand and ask for help! Second, talk to experts at LEAP. That is what we do best.

We believe in tailoring solutions for your technology problems. Understanding technology frustrations and helping your business run smoothly takes effort and specific skill sets. Allow our tech geniuses to asses your environment, understand your pains and develop and IT Master Plan.

Our goal is simple, help business throughout the state of Indiana from Ft. Wayne to Bloomington, Muncie to Greenwood, Zionsville, Carmel and naturally the Indianapolis corridor. With services ranging from Help Desk Support and Hosted Email. Together with VOP and Cyber Security, we are your tech experts.

Find out why business leaders are falling in love with technology Indianapolis! Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying about us, CLICK HERE!

We help Indianapolis businesses feel confident in their technology by helping their take control of IT support and IT service issues. Proud to be Indiana-based serving Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Greenwood and Muncie.

Public Speaking & Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

In an effort to continue being Ridiculously Helpful in 2021, we are kicking off our webinar series with a focus on public speaking!

Join LEAP Managed IT and expert Ron Kraus from Toastmasters International, for a discussion on public speaking and perfecting your elevator pitch.

Wednesday, Feb. 10 at 10 a.m.


Learn what you can do to present more confidently, concisely and effectively. In addition, find out how to cultivate your personal, or company, message in a short, concise and impactful pitch. Most importantly, public speaking made easy!

Our featured expert, Ron Kraus is a long time member of Toastmasters along with being the President of the Emergency Nurses Association. In addition, Ron  works full time at Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital Indianapolis. He is currently the Clinical Nurse Specialist for the emergency medicine and trauma center. Our expert has worked at Methodist since 1998. Ron is an experienced national speaker and a member of Toastmasters Club of Fishers. Since joining the ENA, Ron has been on the board of directors for the Emergency Nurses Association since 2017. Most importantly, Ron is an expert in helping his community by helping others be the best they can be.

Toastmasters International is a non-profit worldwide organization that provides services for promoting communication, public speaking and leadership.

Click Here to Register

Thus, LEAP Managed IT is thrilled to host this Ridiculously Helpful Webinar focused on Public Speaking and Perfecting your Elevator Pitch.  Being the Indianapolis IT Leader, we help businesses grow by creating IT Master Plans and tailored solutions.  As a result, you can focus on what you do best and continuously grow your business. So,  Contact Us Today! 

Managed Support Indianapolis

Helpdesk and Managed Support

One of Leap Managed IT’s strength is the dedication to help with your IT challenges. With superior Helpdesk and Managed Support in Indianapolis, they are here for maintenance, technical problems and beyond. So why is Managed Support important? Try experiencing technical difficulties and  having your whole system crash? Ever imagine the panic when you can’t retrieve anything? Well, don’t wait for something unfortunate to happen before realizing the importance.

One of the biggest turn offs we experience in contacting helpdesks and break fix technicians is when, after spending so much time trying to get hold of anybody for help, there is none.

With Leap Managed IT’s  Master Plan, IT experts learn about your IT struggles and frustrations. They assess your network, devices and security to make sure that everything is works at its maximum potential to grow with your business.

Proactive Helpdesk

Managed Support Services is the practice of outsourcing IT Services for your business or organization. It is relying on a third party to anticipate the need, maintaining, improve operations and more.

Why are Managed Support Services Important?

  1. IT experts give peace of mind- Since we all have limited IT knowledge, Managed Support takes care of your IT.  Most especially when there is trouble like slow internet, data backup and recovery and anything that concerns the technical side of business. Through this you can focus on growing your business.
  2. Master Plan – Leap Managed IT has a Master Plan that is tailored and aligned to the needs of your organization.
  3. Getting a Proactive Support – Leap Managed IT offers proactive IT Support. The IT team experts identify problem areas before they happen. In addition, you feel comfortable that in an emergency, they are there to solve your problems. Getting you back up and running again is a priority.
  4. Strategic IT Planning and Support- The IT experts will advise you on what you need in terms of technology and how it can help you run your business. This links to a proactive IT support making sure that the infrastructure and all software are up to date to minimize risks such as downtime, virus attacks and system crashes.

Managed Support Indianapolis

For Managed Support Services in Indianapolis, contact www.leapmanagedit.com. Experience helpdesk and managed support that is far from frustrating. Let the IT experts worry about your IT infrastructure and you concentrate on growing your business. For more about Helpdesk and Managed Support click here and see how Leap Managed IT, managed it all.

Looking for IT Support Fort Wayne?

Why do you need an IT consultant?

Information Technology or IT plays a vital role in running a business. Organizations rely heavily in technology for communication, manufacturing, and daily business activities.  Especially for the past months. For instance, the pandemic, forced us to find alternative ways to continue our business. Ineffective technology affects business in many ways. Read on to find out what technology can do for you. Need IT support in Fort Wayne, Carmel, Fishers, Muncie- LEAP Managed IT can help!

Lacking IT Support delays business from moving forward. Hiring an IT consultant to get dynamic support is important. It is way better than having to wait for a random technician to investigate the issue. A good IT consultant’s role is is to plan, design and install IT systems. Making sure that every aspect of technology is well coordinated with your business. Gone are the days of having to contact a break-fix contractor.

Hiring an IT consultant is like having a partner you can rely on. The role of an IT consultant is to advise you on how to use and maximize technology to meet business objectives accordingly. Therefore, they will find a solution to overcome IT problems by having a thorough plan of action. To prevent future issues, backups are set in place to minimize downtime.  Thus, interruption of workflow is avoided. In addition, their goal is to enhance the structure and quality of your IT system. Bringing the best possible results, in the timeliest manner. Looking for IT Support Fort Wayne- let LEAD Managed IT help.

SUpport services:

  1. Data Backup– A quick restoration process to keep business back and running again in case of emergency.
  2. Managed Network Service– Keeps all your equipment updated and secure. This includes the network, switches, access points, firewalls, hardware, and software.
  3. Managed Server and Workstations– is by providing a disaster recovery plan, increase security, eliminate server outages, and minimize downtime during server outages.
  4. Managed Security– protects intellectual property, confidential files and customer’s sensitive information from risk like ransomware.
  5. Helpdesk and Manage Support– is being there to help solve the problem and get you back up and running again.
  6. Firewall and VPN– is a system that controls the flow of data in your environment. It also adds another layer of protection at the same time allows employees to work remotely.

Copier and Printer Support

Leap Managed IT offers various services for your printer, copier, scanner and shredding devices. They offer plans to give you the best value for your printing and copier needs. Professional support and maintenance are actively available to prevent issues and printing frustrations.

Grow Your Business with LEAP Managed IT

Find the best IT Support in Fort Wayne and never have to worry about IT with Leap Managed IT’s, IT Master Plan, continue to move forward and grow your business while experts will take care of your IT obstacles. Above all,  this will enable you to focus on your business without having to worry about your organization’s network, IT support and equipment.




Happy Holidays from LEAP Managed IT

Happy Holidays from LEAP Managed IT! We are thankful to our team and our clients for another great year! We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season with your families, friends and those you hold most dear.  While the Holidays may look a little different for many of us, the spirit of the season remains the same.  Get together via zoom and don’t forget to reach out to those who may need a little more holiday cheer.  We love hearing stories how human nature prevails in times of hardship. It is that human spirit that helps us get through the toughest of times.

We  love serving the Indianapolis community and all the outlying cities from Bloomington to Ft. Wayne and everyone in between. We wish you all the best in 2021 and look forward to being your Ridiculously Helpful partner!

Happy Holidays!

Learn more about LEAP

We help business like you feel confident in your technology by going above and beyond to help you take control of your I.T. and printing devices, solve business problems and end technology frustrations.  Our goal is to be Ridiculously Helpful to you, no matter the situation.  Browse our website and social media for free learning activities and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We are thrilled to serve the central Indiana community. We love seeing our clients across the state from Ft. Wayne to Bloomington, Indianapolis and Muncie along with all the surrounding suburbs. Fishers, Greenwood, Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Greenfield, Tipton… we love seeing you too! Happy Holidays!

Safe Online Shopping for the Holidays

It’s the holiday season again! A time for family and friends to be joyful and merry. Although this time, celebrations all over the world may be a little different as compared to the past. The essence of gift giving and sharing of blessings remain the same. One best way for purchasing gift items is online. Online shopping has become even more popular even before the pandemic. People have become more careful on going out to malls and department stores to avoid the crowd and stay safe.  Let’s share some pointers on how to have a safe shopping online experience.

During this time of the year, hackers and identity thieves are also busy getting their hands-on personal information they can use against you. To take advantage of vulnerabilities and weak spots. This is a good reminder for all of us to be vigilant and be extra careful in doing online transactions, not just shopping.

In each of our efforts in finding ways to make this holiday season meaningful and festive, let us practice vigilance and being extra careful to avoid becoming victims of online crimes.

Let us enjoy the advantages of shopping online such as:

  1. Convenience of shopping without the crowd and long waiting lines.
  2. Saves time and effort. Shop at the convenience of your home.
  3. There is a wide variety of products available and you can compare prices to get the best deal.
  4. You can get discounts and lower prices most especially for bulk orders.
  5. Online shopping is a good way to curb impulse buying.

While you enjoy the advantages of shopping online,

Here are tips to remember for a safe online shopping:

  1. Research the retailer to make sure they are legitimate. There are thousands of shopping sites, with a bit of research, you will be able to spot the fraudulent ones. Check for negative feedbacks and make sure that the seller is reliable.
  2. What is the return policy? If they do not seem to have one, you should be suspicious. This will help if the item is not delivered or arrives defective. There is also a large online market that sells counterfeit goods. These can be hard to spot so a little more research can be helpful.
  3. While shopping online, make sure the internet connection you are using is secure. Do not use public Wifi in public places, such as coffee shops, airport terminals and shopping centers. Public Wifi is often unsecure. Cyber criminals can access any information you send while connected to these networks. Remember that your ordinary mobile data is more secure than the public Wi-Fi.
  4. Keep yourself safe online. Make sure your software and anti-virus protection is up-to-date. Always choose a strong password for your online accounts, using a combination of lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters. This will help protect you and your devices from scammers and cyber criminals.
  5. Always guard your personal information. Remember that no shopping website should ever need your Social Security Number. If a site requires you to share very personal information, just run in the other direction.

Happy Holidays and enjoy your shopping…online

Gift giving and holiday shopping is just a part of the holiday experience. As always, remember to guard yourself from online scams during the busiest season of the year. For more about online and credit card safety, visit leapmanagedit.com today.

Online Safety for Families

Leap Managed IT guide to keep Kids Safe in the Internet

The Internet can be a good source of knowledge, information and entertainment, the struggle is with online safety for families. Today, as most classes will be online and people are working from home, the internet is playing a vital role in connecting us to the world. It allows us to achieve something in the comfort of our homes or anywhere convenient. While the internet can be describe as a wonderful place, let us always remember that it can also be dangerous for kids. In this article, find tips for online safety for families. By keeping in mind these tips, you will be able to protect kids and keep your family safe online.

Comparing to the past, children of today are quite lucky to have access to most information today. Laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smart devices have become a part of their daily lives. These gadgets are common at home and in schools. As parents, while we are glad for all these technology changes also have the responsibility to keep them safe online.

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe in the internet:

  • Educate your children. Let them know the dangers when clicking wrong links and visiting wrong sites. Encourage your kids to ask help if they see something unusual on the web. Install security software that will help the children prevent from clicking dangerous websites.
  • Use a password management system. Passwords serve as the main defense most people have against hackers. It is very common for passwords to be short and easy to remember and on top of all that, passwords are often re-used. By using a password management system, your defense against hackers will improve. Password management systems help you remember your unique passwords for all of your accounts.
  • Know the value of online privacy. Nowadays, more and more apps require collecting personal information and data. A number of apps have privacy policies that talk about how they collect and will use their consumer’s personal data for their marketing and advertising strategies. Oftentimes, users overlook these privacy policies. It is important to be mindful and remember to be careful when inputting our personal information on the web.
  • Share only the necessary data. It is important to be mindful when sharing personal information on social media. When posting personal milestones and events in social media, make sure to share only the necessary data. Posting your current location, as well as your identification card are examples of personal information that can be very attractive to hackers.

Public WiFi and Unused Accounts

  • Avoid public Wi-Fi. If possible, avoid public Wi-Fi networks shared by many. Children may not know about the dangers of public Wi-Fi, so it is important to look over them in such situation. To go private when using public Wi-Fi, it is possible to install a VPN.
  • Close unused accounts. Unused accounts may also contain personal information such as your full name, phone number, and birth date. Cyber criminals can access this information. It is a common occurrence for kids to create multiple accounts on one website. It would work best for a parent to overlook these accounts and close the ones unused.

Leap Cares

These are some of the important tips to remember to be safe in the internet. It will need the parents supervision and monitoring, to make sure that the children are shielded from the dangers of being online. Yes, the internet can provide great deal of knowledge, we just need to filter them appropriately. For more ridiculously helpful tips and reminders follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/leapmit/. For your Managed IT Services and Copier/Printing needs, visit www.leapmanagedit.com

Importance of a Business Continuity Plan

Are you prepared?

Have you ever wondered what is going to happen to your business if a fire breaks out? Or maybe a water leakage problem at the building? Are you ready and have a backup plan to keep your business safe in the event of a of natural disaster? Every organization needs a good business continuity plan that will keep it running through interruptions. The importance of having such, is that you and your employees are prepared and will know what to do. At last, we should learn from others past mistakes and be able to recover fast from disruptive events.

Did you know that prior to the  COVID-19 outbreak, only 25% of companies had the infrastructure in place to work remotely?  To date, only a few percentage have successfully implemented work from home policies. This setback is a testament that reveals the capabilities of organizations during these times. Therefore, it is high time for organizations to prioritize and focus on a business continuity plan.

In order to have a strong business foundation, it is important to realize and have a concrete action plan for “what-if” times. Therefore, there should be a more comprehensive approach on what to do so that the business will not suffer severe loss.

Business Continuity Plan

There are 4 important phases in planning your organizations business continuity plans and strategies. They are as follows:

  1. Business Impact Analysis- This is the phase where you will assess potential impacts that could harm the flow of your business.
  2. Recovery Strategies- Always plan and be able to identify potential threats that can disrupt your business. Document all requirements to have a smooth implementation.
  3. Plan Development- Create a framework and develop a plan in case of disruption or disaster. It is also important to create an IT disaster recovery plan and document them at all times.
  4. Testing and Exercise- Test and practice the layout of the entire plan to make sure it will work. This is the best time to improve on areas that are not feasible.

IT Recovery Plan

Businesses and organizations today rely on technology. Imagine what happens when you do not have an IT recovery plan. Losing important data and longer downtime are just some of the drawbacks. Oftentimes, we do not want talk about unfortunate events. Therefore, we can start business continuity planning through outlining the worst-case scenario. This will enable us to prepare and know what to do. Data Back-up and Recovery is one of the specializations of Leap Managed IT. They can provide assistance to make sure that you do not compromise your data security, decrease productivity and minimize loss through upgraded systems and processes. For more about business continuity, data back up and recovery visit www.leapmanagedit.com

Managed IT Services Indianapolis

Managed IT Services

Emerging technologies and changes in the way we conduct businesses today can disrupt the flow of how our businesses should normally run. That is the reason why most business owners and organizations seek  help of a trusted technology advisor. For businesses to survive, they need embrace technology. Collaborating with a Managed IT Services provider will make this entire shift easier.

Leveraging in technology and aligning your business goals by creating an IT Master Plan is what makes Leap Managed IT stand out from the rest. Their commitment to elevate the quality of your business with the help of technology is by far their greatest strength. While it is true that there are  many Managed IT Services Providers, finding the one you can trust remains a challenge.

How to Find a Reputable MSP

It is frustrating when technology is working against you rather than the opposite. Spending so much money and wasting too much time can greatly reduce productivity and decrease profit. Finding a reputable Managed IT Service provider will give you and your business the edge.

It is always an advantage when your Managed IT Service partner has an extensive experience in the industry. One that can provide 24/7 support regardless of what type of business or industry you belong to. IT needs may vary for each industry. They should understand the intricacies of managing important data and value its safety.

Before hiring a managed IT service provider, take time to assess their skills and expertise to support your business. Keep in my mind that they will become your partners in reaching your business goal.

Choose Leap

Leap Managed IT Services Indianapolis has been in the business for over 90 years. They have evolved over generations into Indy’s IT experts.  They are well recognized and have loyal customers under their IT management. These clients belong to different industries such as medical and dental, manufacturing, government and many others. Hence, their IT experts and the company’s dedication to provide support, in all levels make them a cut above the rest. Their Managed IT Services plus copier and printing support is a one stop shop for all your IT needs. Through years of service and commitment, they have become the most trusted technology advisor today. Feel empowered and confident with your IT. Grow and build your business with LEAP. For more details visit: leapmanagedit.com

Indianapolis Tech Leader provides Tips for Transitioning Back to the Office

Tips for Transitioning Back to the Office by Indianapolis Technology Leader LEAP Managed IT 

Many companies have been functioning fully remote or almost fully remote for the past few months due to the pandemic and the concern for the safety of employees, customers, and clients. Some offices have begun Transitioning Back to the Office while others are still hesitant to do so. When the time comes, what should you do to help your team and those around your team stay safe and feel comfortable? Here are some Ridiculously Helpful tips you can consider when you decide it is best to start Transitioning Back to the Office.  

1. Use an alternate office day system

Allow your employees to work in the office with proper social distancing by adopting a hybrid work environment where 50% of employees work in the office one day, while the other 50% of employees work remote. Alternate this schedule every other day and clean/sanitize the office every night in between to prevent the spread of germs.  

2. Scatter people before they come in 

Some people are going to be eager to get back into the office, while others may be very nervous. Make sure you are considerate of those who may feel uncomfortable about going back into the office. Have a plan on where people will sit and how they will get around the office while maintaining the proper social distance before they arrive.

3. Scatter work schedules 

Have employees work slightly different hours to decrease the number of people within the office throughout the day. For example, have some people work 6:30 to 3:30, another group work from 7:30 to 4:30, another group work from 8:30-5:30 and a final group from 9:30-6:30.  

4. Establish an on-going policy 

Protect individuals while they work by establishing an on-going policy on how your team will move forward as the pandemic continues. As time passes, it may be easy for employees to want to work as normal, but it is important to keep a social distance policy to protect team members, customers and the community until there is no longer a threat.  

 5.Close off desks 

When employees are back in their usual environment, it can be easy for them to  

6. Equip the office for proper sanitation 

Make sure hand sanitizer, gloves, masks etc. are readily available for your employees to use throughout the day and sanitize public areas such as bathrooms and kitchens throughout the day. 

7. Keep doors within the office open when possible and sanitize door handles often 

Door handles are one of the biggest places germs can be spread. If the door can remain open, keep it open to avoid employees touching the same door handle. If the door must remain open, keep cleaning supplies and/or hand sanitizer next to each door handle and have your employees sanitize thoughout the day.  

 8. Be mindful of people’s mental health 

Employees have been working from home for a while now and it has become a new habit. Ease people back into the office and be mindful of their mental health as the transition back to what was once ‘normal.’ 

For more Ridiculously Helpful Tips on Transitioning Back to the Office or technology advise visit leapmanagedit.com


Business Communication with Level365

Leap Managed IT features level365

When it comes to next-level business communication, simple and seamless voice system comes first with Level365. They are the leading communication and phone system experts in Indianapolis through simplified day-to-day business communications. In today’s technological advancements, unified messaging, audio, presence, video conferencing and faxing made easier for businesses.

We are fortunate to be with level365’s expert Nathan McCord. He shares and breaks down details on integration of communication services. Together with our very own, Leap Managed IT’s COO, Michael Thomas. The interactive webinar between the two tech experts provides examples and insights on systems integration. They also talked about the importance of having a unified communication system that can help businesses today.

For Better Understanding

With the rising number of businesses transitioning to work-from-home set up, communication (phone and internet) have become a vital part to ensure business continuity. Over the last months, the discussions revolve around the process on how to make communication easier and well coordinated. With the cloud, VOIP and other features that can integrate in today’s technology to make it seamless. In today’s technology driven business environment, a voice solution that extends and connects is important. Given different scenarios of multiple offices, remote and mobile workers, call center support, level365 can help give you and your employees, flexibility and control to manage work.

Leap Managed IT and its continued effort to share ridiculously helpful tips aims to make unified communication and updated phone systems more understandable and familiar to its users. As level 365 partners with Leap Managed IT, ensuring from the back end that your business is IT ready and capable to adapt these upgrades in communication and phone systems.

Michael and Nathan also discuss the basic traditional phone system and the challenges of having to coordinate calls in line 1, 2, 3 or more. Today, there are still companies that use traditional system through telephone because of familiarity and hesitation to adapt to change. Through this interactive webinar, we will learn more about new features, software and examples of integrations that can help your business.

Business Communication at its Best with LEAP

As we all know, business communication plays a vital part, most especially when your team is working remotely. A computer network integrated to a phone system works best when your network is in tiptop shape. With technology changing through time, transitioning may require moderate learning for users. If you have questions, feel free to contact www.leapmanagedit.com and level365 . Learn more on how Indianapolis Phone System Providers can help level up your business.


Gmail vs. Office 365: Which is Best for your Company?

Choosing between Gmail and Office 365

If you are running a business, choosing an office platform to use will have powerful impact on your team’s productivity. On Leap Managed IT’s latest webinar, our partners, Michael Thomas and Gary Thomas took time to discuss what the best productivity suite you can use for your business. Gmail and Office 365 are highlighted as both come out strong and feature-filled. What are their differences? They will break down the pros and cons of each suite to guide you to decide which is right for your business.

For starters, Leap Managed IT is Indianapolis’s  leading provider of IT, tech training and IT managed services. Together with their partners, they have achieved and continue to work to share useful information and guidelines about anything concerning IT Services. Through these initiatives, IT continues to play a big part in running businesses rather than becoming a source of stress for the team. For instance, one important part to ensure teams productivity is which office suite to use. It should provide better communication tools among team member that goes beyond email function. Especially, when working from home and virtual meetings are in demand.

Thinking of Migrating?

When talking about Gmail vs. Office 365 however, many people think of just the email functions of the two. There is actually so much more. Choosing between Gmail vs. Office 365 will solely depend on what works for you, the team and your business. Now, your team might be using one and would like to eventually, migrate to the other suite or vice versa. It is recommended for users with businesses to use the paid versions for both suites. It is vital that you do not lose any calendar entries, emails and notes in the process of migration.  Especially for the important schedules and vital email exchanges.

When thinking about migrating, let Leap Managed IT assist you in setting up the migration path, to ensure that all-important data is intact. What platform are you coming from and where you are going are handled properly, making a successful transition.

The Common Ground for Gmail vs. Office 365

  • Ease of use and implementation. Both have well designed systems that makes it easier for users to adapt.
  • Management and administrative controls. Both have controls in place. Key things like privileges and pre- setting to keep all data safe and in place.
  • Both Gmail and Office 365 have solid security features. They have dual factor authentication, encryption are options for both these programs.
  • Both have branded domain, for example @leapmit.com, to use in your business. You can easily have your own branded domain instead of using @gmail.com or @outlook.com. Having a specific domain name makes it more professional and gives a sense of confidence to your clients.
  • Full range of complimentary apps. Every business has different needs, certain apps might have a greater value on a certain app and vice versa. Other companies are big in word processing and email, while some need a powerful spreadsheet program above everything else available.

App by App: Gmail vs. Office 365

For word processing, Google has Docs while Office 365 has Word. For spreadsheets, Google has Sheets and Office 365 have Excel. Each Google app has a counterpart in Office 365.Let’s break it down:

Presentation: Google Slides – Office 365 PowerPoint

Email: Gmail – Outlook

Calendar: Calendar – Outlook

Contacts: Contacts – Outlook

Storage: Google Drive – OneDrive

Group Collaboration: Sites – SharePoint

Conferencing: Google Hangouts – Microsoft Teams are both wonderful programs especially when everything is done remotely. These programs allow you to stay in contact with your team virtually and be able to share files and instant meetings.

Our Experience

In the past weeks, we have been transitioning to work from home environments. Communicating with the team is vital for the business to move forward amidst the pandemic. Using Microsoft Teams is becoming a game changer as a seamless communication tool and getting information quickly by sharing documents and receiving them, real-time. Teams are built for business and works better for collaboration. Bottom line is, it will depend on what your team and organization needs.

G Suite

One thing notable about G Suite is being very user-friendly and easy to use. The design is simple, eliminating complication when using it. They also have a simple pricing with only 3 options.

  • Realtime Collaborations
  • 3rd Party App Integrations (CRM, Marketing)
  • Search functionality

Office 365

  • Microsoft Heritage/ Familiarity
  • Power user friendly/ Full featured apps
  • ERP Integrations
  • Rapidly improving Features

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, both platforms have powerful and sophisticated features. Both are good for business, communication and team collaboration. It is a decision between Gmail vs. Office 365. However, deciding which office suite is best for your business, will depend on the needs of your business and organization. Hence, learn more and evaluate. For more information, feel contact info@leapmanagedit.com. Also, watch or webinar on  Gmail vs. Office 365 at https://leapmanagedit.com/indianapolis-tech-events/