Because IT shouldn’t be a necessary evil. IT should be a necessary good.

From Typewriters to Managed IT, we’ve been there from the beginning to give you the latest in technology, priced right without sacrificing the one-on-one relationship needed to make you feel secure. It shouldn’t take an army to figure out why your document isn’t printing. And you should never wake up in the middle of the night worrying if your data is secure. 

We take care of that. We don’t just put out fires. We help prevent them before there’s even a spark.

Because we make you feel smart. Empowered. And confident.

There should never be a ‘man behind the curtain’ running your operations. And just like grade school there is no such thing as a stupid question. Our approachable geniuses guide and train you and answer your questions so you and your entire team feel comfortable and confident.

What our Indianapolis champions are saying about Leap IT Support:

I really appreciate LEAP’s willingness to come in and learn what we know, and understand what we don’t know. I never feel like they are trying to oversell us. And they’ve never made a promise that they couldn’t keep.

Elizabeth Hauser, James Allen Insurance Brokers

The level of expertise and knowledge LEAP Managed IT provides us is a game changer. Our business is fast paced, growing and highly mobile so we have to use technology to stay lean and deliver a great customer experience.

LEAP’s IT support team helped us move to our new corporate offices and handled every aspect of technology. They were integral in making the transition easy and pain-free. Having a partner to worry about the technology is a big deal. We couldn’t do this on our own.

Justin Ullom, Mr. Rooter Plumbing

LEAP Managed IT is absolutely impressive and wonderful. We are so appreciative of all they do for our organization.

Holly Nelson, Westminster Village

Because we never take leaps of faith. We only take leaps of fact.

We don’t hit the refresh button with our fingers crossed. We never assume and we never ignore. Each system, software or slight change we make is rooted in data and reason, and we run it by you for approval.

Because you’re ready to take the leap forward.

You should never feel like your in the dark ages when it comes to your IT. Let us help you propel forward. For now and the future.

Start Your IT Revolution