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We will schedule a consultation with you to gather information about the current IT setup. We then conduct a complete IT audit that thoroughly analyzes the company’s IT systems, hardware infrastructure and general operations. This assessment is designed to provide an analysis of your company’s current state and give recommendations that we will use to leverage your IT as a tool to improve efficiencies and operations. The LEAP team generates a detailed report showing a snapshot of your company’s current situation, which includes security threats, network problems, server performance and other associated risks or issues.



Our team will put a technology roadmap in place that will address the challenges highlighted in the audit. This includes providing tools that monitor and proactively keep the technology running at low risk. We will create a technology environment that gives your employees a consistent experience so they can focus on serving your customers and making your business better. The LEAP team’s overall objective during this phase is to get you to a controlled state so that the focus can be on continuous improvement and evaluation.



We will take your technology environment from good to great by finding solutions that will keep your technology and business ahead of the curve. Our team will schedule an initial review after 30 days of the go live date to assess how things are going. We will also schedule monthly or quarterly reviews so that we can be sure we are aligning your technology needs to your goals, strategy and budget. These meetings are extremely important for both your company and us so we can be sure that we are consistently setting goals, prioritizing work and collecting data to measure progress.